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That's Some High Quality h2o!

In my life, I have experienced "high quality h2o" and unfortunately have also experienced terrible, I mean terrible, water. If you have water conditions that include sediment, sticks, frogs, scale build up or just overall bad taste, bad odor or too much chlorine, fear no more. We have a great, cost effective solutions for you.

Atlas Filtri, an Italian water filtration company, is a manufacturer we represent at Intrepid Sales Group, LLC. Please click their logo on our Manufacturing Partners page and check their website out. The product offering can be overwhelming however please contact us at 504-733-8733 and we will guide you in selecting the correct product for your condition.

Recently, I added a whole home filtration system that has solved all the above mentioned ailments. I wish that I would have made this improvement to my home 5 years ago when sand in the hot water circulating line caused a pinhole in the copper water line that ended up flooding my home. We will not even discuss the nightmare of repairing this water damage. Now that I have installed the following Atlas Filtri water filtration system to my home, I do not have to fear another leak caused by sand & grit. See image below.

The additional benefit is that I now have water that Bobby Boucher, jr. would taste and say "Now that is some high quality h2o!"

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